[2 Pack] Compatible for Samsung Galaxy A70 Screen Protector Tempered Glass Film With 2.5D Round Edge Ultra Thin Shatter-Proof And Bubble Free Anti-Scratch


Arc edge design: 2.5D arc edge design, feel more comfortable when holding, do not hurt the hand

Responsive: The touch response speed is better when used, the hand feels more smoother, and the touch is more fluent.

Anti-scratch: The strength of tempered glass is up to 9H, super wear-resistant, bubble free, anti-glare, anti-radiation, clear picture, light transmittance up to 99%.

The nano-coating is waterproof,anti-fingerprint and anti-oil, and is easy to clean even if it is contaminated by foreign matter.

It does not deteriorate due to long time, and it does not leave a corrosive adhesive on the screen surface like other pastes, which is safe and reliable.